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Peter Jackson

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Sir Walter Raleigh lays down his cloak for Queen Elizabeth I (Original)

Sir Walter Raleigh lays down his cloak for Queen Elizabeth I (Original)

(Ref: JacksonRaleighLL)

Artist: Peter Jackson
Medium: Watercolour on Board
Size: 18" x 10" (445mm x 245mm)
Date: 1962

This is the original Watercolour painting by Peter Jackson.

There was a pretty young man amongst the crowd the day the queen of England went by with her companions. When she was right in front of the place he was standing she hesitated because there was a pool of mud. The young man who was a sailor then took his cape off, and threw it over the mud.

His knightly deed made an impression with the queen and she smiled gratefully to him who had sacrificed his costly cape to protect the feet of the majesty. A romantic and important meeting between two historical persons - but very untrue.

It is thought that the man who wrote this tale, presumably the English historian Thomas Fuller (1608-1661) who loved to spice boring historical facts with this kind of small anecdotes. The story is again told in Walter Scott's novel "Kenilworth" in 1821. Here Walter Raleigh claims that "I will never brush this cape as long as it is in my possession".

An original painting first published 10th November 1962 issue of Look And Learn.

Price: 275.00 ($440.00) (330,00)


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