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British History (Peter Jackson)
A Great Escape (TWO pages) (Originals)

A Great Escape (TWO pages) (Originals) by British History (Peter Jackson) at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: JacksonROak1LL (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Peter Jackson (biography)
Medium: Gouaches on Board
Size: 9" x 11" (220mm x 290mm)
Date: 1970

These are the original Gouache paintings by Peter Jackson.

In the main painting The Royal Oak is the English oak tree within which the future King Charles II of England hid to escape the Roundheads following the Battle of Worcester in 1651. Charles told Samuel Pepys in 1680 that while he was hiding in the tree, a Parliamentarian soldier passed directly below it.

The second page features other great escapes. Bonnie Prince Charlie disguised as a woman, the escape from Colditz and possibly Dunkirk. These three images are all 120mm x 85mm on a board the same size as the main painting. This second board is free with the main painting.

The paintings were published in Treasure 30th May 1970.

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2nd board (included)
2nd board (included)

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British History (Peter Jackson)

British History (Peter Jackson)